Learn everything you need to know about natural dog health

Finally, a comprehensive course that will make you an expert in all things natural health and wellness.  After finishing, you'll be able to manage any issue your dog has with confidence, naturally!

The freedom of having a happy, healthy dog and no unnecessary vet visits

You're careful about what you eat and what products you use and you want the same healthy life for your beloved dog.

I'm here to help you have a simple, healthy life with your dog, so that he (or she!) can live a very long time in perfect health.  You have been searching the internet and social media for solutions to your pup's woes as well as trying to find ways to prevent issues from cropping up in the first place.  But everywhere you look you find different answers, varied opinions and you just end up more confused.   I understand because I've been where you're at.  Your dog is a  part of your family, he deserves the best!  By working with me, you'll learn everything you need to know about taking care of your dog naturally - for life! 

What others are saying

Corine has an incomparable knowledge of dogs

You can trust her completely whether that's for nutrition as well as for any health problems and her courses are excellent. Don't hesitate to call on her.


- Patrice A.



Corine is a passionate person


She is always available to advise you when it relates to the health of your pups.  We highly recommend her ! 


- Valérie & Sandra


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Herbs & Homeopathy

Find out all about herbal remedies & homeopathy

Massage & Acupressure

Want to learn massage techniques?

Essential Oils

Essential oil safety & how to use them on your pup.

You want to feel informed enough to make important life choices for your dog.

You want to know what healthy dog food to feed him, and how to understand what is wrong physically and emotionally. You want to feel like you can truly communicate with your dog. You're looking for natural dog remedies and holistic dog care.
My course, Wholesome Hound: Natural dog wellness including everything you need to know using gentle, effective home remedies is exactly what you've been looking for!