You're looking for natural ways to take care of your pup.  I can help.

If you're constantly looking for natural dog wellness remedies to help your dog remain healthy and happy, if you're feeling frustrated by the lack of consistent, clear information available and you're looking for trustworthy solutions to all your canine health concerns, you've come to the right place.

I offer a comprehensive, in-depth course to teach you absolutely everything you will need in order to take care of your dog naturally, lower your vet bills, and allow your precious pup to live a long, healthy and happy life.

You'll learn about every natural wellness modality:

  • nutrition

  • essential oils

  • homeopathy

  • herbalism

  • massage & acupressure

  • communication

If you're tired of searching, wondering if what you're doing is actually helping and don't want to take 10 different classes to get all your answers, then Wholesome Hound is THE solution for you!  You'll become the expert in all things natural wellness!

Cyrielle R.

This experience was extremely enriching and full of surprises for both of us, I learned to decipher my dog's signals, I also learned to let him choose by letting him be involved in the interactions. I definitely will return to these methods either for Imka or for other dogs and I thank Corine Graham for having made me discover this universe and for having calmed Imka as well.

Caroline F.

I thank Corine for her support which allowed me to switch my dog to barf and especially without fear of deficiencies! Whether for food or for supplements, all  the information was given. I was able to make this transition, not only simply, but serenely.

Debbie R.

Just wanted to write a few words to you about the course, and to thank you. I am really enjoying the content and the delivery style. You break things down so clearly and the audio videos offer the added advantage of being able to see what, when, where, and how etc. This makes it much easier to follow your instructions and understand the desired end point in each one. Thanks for putting the course together. 

How to work with me


You want to learn holistic dog care, without chemicals. You don’t want him to eat kibble. You’re stressed out about how often you have to take him to the vet (and you want to lower your vet bills). 

You know that caring about the environment and our planet doesn’t just affect what you buy and use, but also what you buy and use on your dog.

You’re struggling to find consistent advice online, and you worry that you may not be doing things right. You don’t want to pay for a bunch of random short courses that will leave you more confused than ever.

Wholesome Hound is your answer!  


Is your dog having physical or behavioral issues that you haven't been able to fix by going to the vet or seeing a behaviorist?  Psycharomatica is your next logical step.

By combining the 5 elements theory, zoopharmacognosy, animal communication and stress reduction techniques, I will create a wellness plan for your dog using essential oils and hydrosols to overcome the deep seated issues that you're having trouble managing.

A session costs $149 and includes the initial assessment, follow up and a second re-assessment of your dog.



Interested in one-on-one coaching?

The truth is that sometimes you just want to have a quick conversation to help you through a moment of "stuck", right? 

While ongoing coaching packages are certainly beneficial, it just doesn't provide the flexibility.  Do you really need to have a coaching call every week?  Maybe not... 

That's why my super popular individual Coaching Call offers you the flexibility to schedule your calls based on when YOU need them most.  


You have questions regarding anything natural wellness?  I have answers!  You can chat with me on any topic or area of concern via WhatsApp messaging on the day of your choosing.  

This service includes access to me via WhatsApp for 12 hours to ask any and all your questions surrounding canine natural wellness.